Northern Mariana Islands Administrative Code

Note: Current as of November 28, 2019

Chapter 20-10: Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Control Division
Chapter 20-20: Division of Banking
Chapter 20-30: Commerce Rules and Regulations
Chapter 20-40: Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Chapter 20-50: Registrar of Corporations
Chapter 20-60: Garment Manufacturing Rules and Regulations
Chapter 70-5: Department of Finance Regulations
Chapter 70-10: Customs Service Division
Chapter 70-20: Finance and Accounting Division
Chapter 70-30: Division of Procurement and Supply
Chapter 70-40: Division of Revenue and Taxation
Chapter 70-50: Lottery Rules and Regulations
Chapter 140-10: Division of Public Health
Chapter 140-20: Division of Public Health; Bureau of Environmental Health Environmental Health and Sanitation Standards
Chapter 140-30: Medicaid Division
Chapter 140-40: Office of Medical Examiner
Chapter 140-50: Medical Profession Licensing Board
Chapter 140-60: Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners
Chapter 140-70: Tobacco Prevention and Control Program
Chapter 140-80: Procurement
Chapter 140-90: Personnel Regulations
Chapter 165-10: Office of the Mayor; Municipality of Saipan
Chapter 165-20: Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance Board
Chapter 165-30: Saipan Zoning Board