Commonwealth Constitution : Article XIV


Section 1: Marine ResourcesThe marine resources in waters off the coast of the Commonwealth over which the Commonwealth now or hereafter may have any jurisdiction under United States law shall be managed, controlled, protected and preserved by the legislature for the benefit of the people.
Source: Original provision, unaltered (ratified 1977, effective 1978).
Section 2: Uninhabited IslandsThe island of Managaha shall be maintained as an uninhabited place and used only for cultural and recreational purposes. The islands of Maug, Uracas, Asuncion, Guguan and other islands specified by law shall be maintained as uninhabited places and used only for the preservation and protection of natural resources, including but not limited to bird, wildlife and plant species.


Source: Original provision (ratified 1977, effective 1978); amended by Second Const. Conv. Amend. 37 (1985).
Section 3: Places and Things of Cultural and Historical SignificancePlaces of importance to the culture, traditions and history of the people of the Northern Mariana Islands shall be protected and preserved and public access to these places shall be maintained as provided by law. Artifacts and other things of cultural or historical significance shall be protected, preserved and maintained in the Commonwealth as provided by law.
Source: Original provision, unaltered (ratified 1977, effective 1978).