Commonwealth Law Revision Commission

Superior 2020

Superior Court 2020

Case Name: Case File: Order: Case Date: Judge: PDF:
Pangelinan v. Pangelinan CV17-0067 Order and Judgment against Defendant John Sablan Pangelinan for abuse of Process and Tortious interference with Contractual Relations 2020-05-21 Camacho
In re Estate of Camacho CV19-0232 Order Finding by Clear and Convincing Evidence that a Baby Conceived out of Wedlock and Born after the Death of the Biological Father can Inherit as an Afterborn Heir Pursuant to 8 CMC § 2917 2020-05-18 Camacho
Foshan v. Star Marianas CV18-0312 Order Dismissing Complaint for (1) Failure to State a Basis for Vicarious Liability and (2) Failure to Allege that Plaintiff Foshan Extinguished Defendant Star Marianas' Liability to a Third-Party 2020-04-29 Camacho
Commonwealth v. Smith TR18-03006 Order finding that (1 Entities, such as DFEMS and CHCC, are not eligible to receive restitution when they are only "Indirect Third-party Victims" of a Crime; (2 the Tort Defense of comparative negligence is not applicable here because the victim's family members did not negligently contribute to their damages; and (3) Voluntary Offertory Gifts to Priests for performing the funeral mass are not economic losses for purposes of restitution under 6 CMC § 4109 2020-03-30 Camacho
American Herbal Essence Group v. Imperial Pacific International (CNMI), LLC CV19-0318 Order Denying Defendant's Motion to Dismiss 2020-03-25 Kim-Tenorio
In re F.R.R. JU19-0009 Order Determining That Even Though Defendant Has Already Been Arraigned, Defendant Is Entitled To A Preliminary Examination Hearing Pursuant to 6 CMC § 6303 And NMI R. CRIM. P. 5.1 2020-02-06 Camacho
Commonwealth v. Inos TR18-0148 Judgment 2020-01-14 Naraja
Commonwealth v. Osilek Jr. CR18-0012 Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law Holding that Defendant is Competent to Stand Trial 2020-01-08 Govendo
Commonwealth v. Kwon TR17-5312 Order Denying Dixon Kwon's Motion to Dismiss 2020-01-08 Govendo
Commonwealth v. Pehnos, Jr. CR19-0123 Order Denying the Commonwealth's Motion to Vacate Preliminary Hearing 2020-01-06 Kim-Tenorio