Commonwealth Law Revision Commission

Administrative Code

After publication in the Commonwealth Register, the Law Revision Commission incorporates amendments from agency regulations into the Northern Mariana Islands Administrative Code. Codifying the regulations does not change their meaning or legal effect, it simply creates an organizational structure for the regulations and allows readers to see the complete text of an effective regulation without having to refer back to various issues of the Commonwealth Register.

Executive Order 05-06 approved the Northern Mariana Islands Administrative Code as prima facie evidence of the rules and regulations contained therein.

Chapter 20-10: Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Control Division
Chapter 20-20: Division of Banking
Chapter 20-30: Commerce Rules and Regulations
Chapter 20-40: Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Chapter 20-50: Registrar of Corporations
Chapter 20-60: Garment Manufacturing Rules and Regulations
Chapter 70-5: Department of Finance Regulations
Chapter 70-10: Customs Service Division
Chapter 70-20: Finance and Accounting Division
Chapter 70-30: Division of Procurement and Supply
Chapter 70-40: Division of Revenue and Taxation
Chapter 70-50: Lottery Rules and Regulations
Chapter 140-10: Division of Public Health
Chapter 140-20: Division of Public Health; Bureau of Environmental Health Environmental Health and Sanitation Standards
Chapter 140-40: Office of Medical Examiner
Chapter 140-50: Medical Profession Licensing Board
Chapter 140-60: Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners
Chapter 140-70: Tobacco Prevention and Control Program
Chapter 140-80: Procurement
Chapter 140-90: Personnel Regulations